1.  Click once on the IN MEMORY page and you will view all of the deceased classmates.

2.  Scroll down the IN MEMORY page, click on a name and you will see the obituary.  To date, I only have obituaries for those named.  Your help in providing missing obituaries will be appreciated.

3.  Many of the pictures on the ONCE YOUNG page are named.  Click on the picture and it will get larger and show the name.   If you have additional pictures, please email them to me and I will put them on the page.

4.  To change your profile (avatar), log on to your account, choose profile, change avatar.  You will be prompted to choose a file to upload.  The software will require you to crop the picture.

5.  If you want to upload photographs to your account, choose album, upload photos (you can upload a maximum of 30 photos.  A picture of your family would be nice.

6.  I have taken the liberty of uploading avatars to many of your accounts.  If you do not like what I have chosen, then please change it.

7.  To post a comment, log on, double click on your name and the comment box will appear.  Type your comment and post.

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